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  • Failed to send registration. What to do?
    If the page does not open, open it with another browser. After submitting the completed registration form, click on the "I'm not a robot" icon at the bottom of the page or answer a verification question.
  • I need a VAT invoice that I can settle."
    We automatically send an invoice to each entrant. If you do not enter anything in the invoicing column, we will issue it in your own name. If someone wants to e.g. to write the invoice to your association or workplace, you must enter the address in the billing address field on the registration form, and we will issue the invoice to that address and send it to the specified email address from the billing system. No subsequent modification is possible.
  • I paid the entry fee, I can't find the start list or I'm not on the start list. What to do?"
    The start list can be found under the competition menu on the website, to open which you must enter the password "Panorama". If one of the columns - e.g. last name - you click on it, you will find the contestants in alphabetical order.It may take a few days to process the payment, please be patient. If the payment is more than 7 days old, please check the transfer on your bank account and send us proof of payment.
  • I would like to transfer my entry to another competition.
    Entries cannot be transferred to another competition. We can transfer the entry to another name, please read the relevant sections in this regard.
  • Can I transfer your name to someone else?
    This is possible 20 days before the competition date. The registration fee for the transcription is HUF 1,500. We can rewrite it in the following way: The original entrant transfers the registration fee to our bank account number together with the identification code, and send the following information by e-mail to the address: name, email address and identification code of the original entrant, the data of the entrant instead (name , year of birth, home address, email address, phone number) Attention: it is not possible to change the race distance, T-shirt size order!The entrant's task is to find someone to replace him. Entries cannot be announced on the Facebook page of the Panoráma Run, the announcements published there will be deleted.
  • I still can't go, can I get my money back?"
    50% of the entry fee will be refunded in the event that the contestant cancels their departure by email 60 days before the original date of the competition (this does not apply to the extra day!). After that, we are no longer able to accept cancellations and refund money. It is not possible to refund the entry fee of a competitor who has entered but does not start the competition. See deadlines.
  • Do I need to bring some kind of certificate to pick up the start number?
    When collecting the start number, it is sufficient to present a photo ID, you do not need to bring the confirmation invoice with you.
  • Can I record the start number of my friend or acquaintance?"
    Everyone can only pick up their own race number with a photo ID. Picking up the starting number takes a maximum of 5 minutes, you don't have to stand in line for more than that at our races. We ask that all participants arrive on time for the competition.
  • Where can I find the results?
    On the day of the competition, even during the competition, the page is open, where all you have to do is enter your last name in the search engine and you will find all the results there. You will find the complete list later on the page under the competitions menu item.
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